Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Engagement
Colorado Chronic Disease and Tobacco Programs

Together with its partners, The Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Branch (HPCDPB) of Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) implements strategies that advance health equity and the health of all Coloradans through the promotion of wellness, healthy living, and chronic disease prevention and management. CDPHE’s chronic disease and tobacco programs contracted with JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) to assist with the strategic planning and stakeholder engagement processes for the state’s chronic disease and tobacco programs. Colorado’s statewide Tobacco and Chronic Disease programs are currently engaging in strategic planning efforts to set the direction for the CDPHE and its partners’ future work on these issues.


March – May 2020

Stakeholder engagement sessions were postponed due to Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) Response.

Summer 2020

Rescheduled stakeholder engagement session meetings held.

Review and prioritization of findings from the engagement sessions.

Fall 2020

Continued review and prioritization of findings from the engagement sessions.

Plan drafting and refinement.

December 2020

Tobacco Strategic Plan and Chronic Disease State Plan completed.

About the Planning Process

The resulting products of this planning process will include an update to the chronic disease state plan (2021-2030) and the development of a new tobacco strategic plan (2021-2030). The new strategic plans will inform the next directions of the Tobacco and the CCPD Grant Programs. The strongest plans for Colorado must reflect the insights and ideas of our partners and the lessons learned from the evaluation of currently funded projects. The new plans are likely to include Public Health 3.0 concepts that include cross agency collaborations and address chronic disease, tobacco, and determinants of health. We encourage you to participate in the stakeholder engagement process.

Several plans set the direction of the work of the Branch, including the Chronic Disease State Plan, the Tobacco Strategic Plan, and the Cancer State Plan. These strategic plans are also used by the Amendment 35-funded Cancer, Cardiovascular and Chronic Pulmonary Disease (CCPD) and Tobacco Education Prevention and Cessation (Tobacco) Grant Programs to determine funding priorities for future grant cycles.

Colorado’s Framework for Addressing Chronic Disease

Each person’s lived experiences can determine whether they engage in three risky behaviors that account for four common chronic diseases that result in over 50% of all deaths. Five domains of protective public health action can change this equation. Find out more.

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